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History of the company

Limited liability company “Trade House “Etalon-Auto” is the exclusive distributor of automotive vehicles and public transport produced in car-making enterprises of the Corporation “Etalon”, namely in Boryspil and Chernihiv car-making factories, and also Brovary enterprise “BAZTEKHSERVIS”.

The story of creation, production and sales of automotive vehicles under the brand “Etalon” started in 2002 since Boryspil car-making factory was founded. There, in December of 2002, preliminary and certification tests of the BAZ-А079.04 bus were completed on the chassis of the world famous Indian company “TATA”. That is when the certificate of conformity for the commercial batch was obtained and the first bus was realized to consumers.

Subsequently, the model BAZ А079 has become a flagship for the “Etalon”, on its basis was created 55 modifications. The model rapidly achieved recognition among the main consumers (first of all: private road haulers, as well as enterprises of public transport, educational institutions, etc.) and has taken fitting place in the market (in different years the share was up to 75% of new buses in Ukraine).

An important stage of development was the production of school and special buses.

There were manufactured and sold more than 20 000 buses of the group А079.

At the same time, the Research institute of automobile manufacturing “Etalon” (Lviv) was founded, and the Chernihiv car-making factory, established in 2003, produced a city bus of small class “Dolphin”, developed by experts of the “Etalon”, on the basis of the car “GAZelle” (total of 5 000 units were manufactured and sold).

In Brovary (Kyiv region) was established enterprise “BAZTEKHSERVIS” to organize warranty and post-warranty services and repair of buses “Etalon”. On average the enterprise provides services to more than 500 customers during the year and if necessary, can significantly increase the volume and master production of vehicles on its own.

The next step in the automotive component development of the Corporation “Etalon” became the development and serial production of buses on the chassis of the Chinese company “FAW” (10-meter А412 and 7-meter А074).

In addition to the new model of middle class bus A142, the car-making factory “Etalon” began serial production of the T713 group of trucks, with a whole range of attachable equipment in 2008.

Starting this year, the Corporation has rebranded the entire model range and now models produced by “Etalon” get “flower names”: “Pidsnizhnyk” (А079.14), “Chornobryvets” (А074), “Krychenyi panych” (BAZ 2215), “Malva” (А079 tourist), “Soniashnyk” (A148) and trucks – “Podorozhnyk”. Bus CHAZ A08310 was called “Mak”.

In 2010, the serial production of city buses А08110 “Voloshka” built on the chassis of “Ashok Leyland” (India) and the bus А11110 called “Romashka” was started.

Next year,  Corporation “Etalon” presented to the public the first sample of intercity bus А08120 “Troianda”. The bus has a high degree of unification with our city bus of the model A08111, which is a modification of the serial city bus A08110.

This method, widely used by engineers of the Corporation in the new models creation of motor vehicles, provides haulers with the opportunity to simplify the maintenance and repair of buses for various purposes.

Altogether currently, auto maker “Etalon” was sold 1 000 units of buses on the basis of AL

It should be noted that starting from the second half of 2013, the enterprises of “Etalon” Corporation carry out systematic works of implementing environmental standards Euro-5 and Euro-6, take measures to improve the environmental class of buses from Euro-4 to Euro-5. In 2014-15 were developed buses А08129 Troianda and natural gas vehicle А08130 (of Euro-5 standard).

Chernihiv car-making factory began preparation of modern trolleybuses production in 2010. Our trolley models Т12110, development of BAZ, has been operating on urban routes of Chernihiv since 2014.

Development of foreign markets is the important direction of the marketing strategy of “Etalon” Corporation. “Trading company “Etalon-Auto” constantly participates in various international exhibitions and forums of automakers to achieve this goal. We develop recommendations for our designers, technologists and manufacturers regarding the compliance of our products with the market requirements of different countries as a result of communication with leading manufacturers and major car dealers.

New models of buses for the European market are built on the basis of power units of the world-famous company DAF. This is mainly 10-meter intercity buses “Tulip” (А08420 and А08430). Bus A084.32 of Euro-6 standard was presented at the international exhibition Busworld Europe 2017 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

All models of buses “Etalon” that will be implemented by “Trading company “Etalon-Auto” starting from 2020, will comply with environmental standards of Euro-6.

The first sample of the city bus A12210 model, 12 meters long, with a low floor level, with a capacity of more than 100 passengers were presented to journalists and public at the end of 2018.

“Trading company “Etalon-Auto” created the network of dealer and service centers in the territory of Ukraine in order to ensure a complex of works on realization, further warranty and post-warranty repair of automobile and electric transport of “Etalon” Corporation production.