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A bit about the Company

“Etalon-Auto” is one of the leading automakers in Ukraine. We introduce new technologies in production, develop original methods and ideas.

The rapid development path dates back to 2002, when the company released the first certified bus based on the chassis of the Indian company “TATA”. The team of engineers and production workers did a good job to achieve such success. Since then, many new models have been developed, Research institute has been established, and new working areas opened.

We try to think outside the box, to keep up with the times. The team of experienced experts is working to ensure the need for quality automobile transport in full. Everyone works towards our common goal that is to develop and upgrade automobile transport of Ukraine, to make it more qualitative, more accessible and more eco-friendly.

Achievements and aspirations

A sample of new model bus with a 12-meter base was released in 2018. Its capacity is more than 100 people, it has a low floor level, which allows transporting people with special need, physically disabled people and simplifies travel with prams. Since 2020, we are planning to switch to the eco-friendly standard “Euro-6”, that now demands a major effort from our team, but in the future will extend the market.

One of the directions is development, production and sales of electric transport. We are constantly improving available, successfully implemented works, developing new options and capabilities, such as: efficient air conditioning / heating of the car interior, parktronic system, wireless Internet on board, GPS, observation systems, electronic ticket. All this for comfortable passengers’ transportation and for improving working conditions of the driver.

Solid team is the core of the success

A confident look to the future and pursuit of development encourages production upgrading, which is impossible without the active participation of the entire team. Our experts are continuously evolving, increasing their knowledge and skills, and have the opportunity to apply it towards our common goal in modern working areas “Etalon-Auto”.

The close-knit “Etalon-Auto” team appreciate hardworking, responsible employees and contribute to their development, providing high quality of working conditions, competitive salary, and also providing not only the opportunity for professional growth, but also for career.

Do you want to become a part of the team that not only develops, but also implements conceptually new ideas?

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