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The Etalon A08116 bus is positioned as intercity. The model has two modifications, the main difference between which is in the layout of the cabin. The salon is equipped with comfortable soft seats. Model A08116-10 has 25 seats (including a conductor’s place) and a total passenger capacity of 51 people. The A08116-50 model, in turn, has 30 seats (including a conductor seat) and a total passenger capacity of 48 people. The increase in passenger capacity of the A08116-10 model is achieved by reducing the number of seats and increasing the passenger compartment area for standing passengers. Each seat is equipped with a seat belt as well as a convenient handrail.

A bus was built on the basis of the EAGLE 1016 LHD 4200WD chassis of the Indian company Ashok Leyland, whose base is 4.2 meters. The dimensions of the bus allow the passenger to comfortably move around the cabin. A nonskid floor covering provides safety of movement. Convenient landing and disembarkation of people occurs through two single-leaf doors with an opening of 650 mm equipped with a pneumatic drive. Manual emergency door opening is provided.

In the back of the cabin of the bus A08116-10 there is a spacious platform that facilitates boarding / disembarking passengers and provides free space for standing passengers.

The windows have a wide viewing angle, and some of them are equipped with ventilights. Two ceiling ventilation hatches are equipped with an emergency manual opening system.

The “heart” of the model A08116 bus is the Ashok Leyland H6E5SD123 Euro 5 turbocharged diesel engine. It has 6 cylinders in a row and is located in front of the body. Gearbox GB 5S-OD 5-speed manual. The bus can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h.

The driver’s comfort is ensured by an ergonomic adjustable soft chair, as well as a well-thought-out dashboard system and steering wheel with an integral hydraulic amplifier. Comfortable temperature in the cabin is provided by an air conditioning system (for model A08116-50), as well as a Webasto liquid heater.

Features shuttle bus with four-row interior planning, with not adjustable seats with seat belts
Body type wagon type with a bearing base, front engine
Chassis Ashok Leyland EAGLE 1016 LHD 4200WB
Passenger capacity: А08116-10 А08116-50
– total 51 48
– seating 24+1 29+1
Overall dimensions, mm:
– length 8000
– width 2342
– height 2940 3140
Wheel base, mm 4200
Wheel track, mm:
– front 1868
– rear 1713
Curb weight, kg 6400
Gross vehicle weight, kg 10500
– model, type diesel Ashok Leyland H6E5SD123 EURO V
– the number and arrangement of cylinders 6, in line
– displacement, l 5,76
– maximum power, kW(hp)-1 123(167)/2400
– maximum torque, Nm-1 550/1200-1900
– cooling system liquid
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Tires 235/75 R17,5
Gearbox five-speed manual gearbox, ZF 5-36 OD
– front conventional, on longitudinal parabolic springs with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar
– back conventional, on longitudinal parabolic springs with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar
Control gear mechanical with hydraulic booster
Brake system:
– working double-circuit with pneumatic drive, brake force regulator, equipped with anti-lock braking system and directional stability system (option)
– parking rear wheel brakes from spring-loaded batteries
Passenger doors:
– front single leaf with pneumatic drive
– back
for А08116-10 single leaf with pneumatic drive
for А08116-50 single leaf with manual opening
Air conditioning system:
for А08116-10 non-available
for А08116-50 cabin air conditioning 21 kW

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